Updating "Brand Admin" contact to remove email notifications


If your User Role is "Brand Admin"

Some emails are automatically sent to Portal Users with the Role "Brand Admin". To not receive them anymore, you can downgrade your user role, or deactivate your account by archiving your user, following these steps: 

1. Login to the portal

2. In the hamburger menu go to Users & Teams:

3. Find your user.

4. In the actions column click on the 3 dots and then select "edit user":

5. Change the user role to not be Brand Admin:

  • The article Brand Company Roles & Permissions details each user role's permissions.
  • Once you click Save, your access rights will be adjusted immediately and you will lose the ability to edit your user and can hence not reverse the action yourself


1. Login to the portal

2. In the hamburger menu, go to Users & Teams

3. Find your user

4. In the "ACTIONS" column click on the three dots and then select "archive user":

You will lose access immediately and cannot reverse it yourself


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